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At Verso you are our guest of honor

In Verso's kitchen, we only use pure ingredients to create tasty, modern dishes in which you can truly taste our passion and competence. Our kitchen possesses a strong presence of the artisan spirit: every dish we serve is handmade from scratch. Food and beverages are an art form for us, and with our art we want to indulge our customers.

me sivu kokki rajattu

It is important to us to serve only freshly made dishes prepared with thought and care. Ecological aspects and the use of locally produced ingredients are some of our most important values. These values you will not only see in our operation, but can also taste in the food we serve.

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For us, every customer is a guest of honor. We warmly welcome you to visit us at the heart of Jyväskylä, the home of Verso. Whether you are looking for a refreshing moment over a glass of wine, a pampering of your taste buds with fresh pastries or a long evening of taste experiences, we will do our best to ensure that you enjoy your stay.



Me sivu- kokki leikkaa

We rely on carefully selected ingredients and fully homemade dishes. This guarantees high quality and delicious taste in our drinks, dishes and bakery products at all times.


me-sivu kala

Knowledge of origin is important to us, and we favor local, locally produced ingredients in our food and beverage selection. We invest in freshness, purity and ecological aspects with the products we use.


Me barista

Genuine encounters and excellent customer service are at the heart of our operations. We are motivated by the fact that our customers always feel warmly welcomed with us.


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The modern and sophisticated vibe at Verso makes it easy to relax. Cozy atmosphere holds true importance for us, as it perfects both the little moments of indulgence and the long nights of tasty festivities.